Virginia Prom & Bridal Expo

"Slay the Runway"

Virginia Prom &         Bridal Expo

October 27, 2019 1-5 pm

April 19, 2020 1-5 pm

October 25, 2020  1-5 pm

Hampton Roads Convention Center

1610 Coliseum Drive, Hampton Va. 


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Benefiting Fashion for Awareness 

 Fashion For Awareness is a non-profit  organization that utilizes fashion to enlighten and empower communities about health and wellness initiatives affecting families in Hampton Roads. This event will directly benefit our Postpartum initiative for women.   

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Benefiting Veterans Homefront 

Bridging the Gaps & Connecting the Dots for Veterans & Communities in New Ways.

Working together, our collective impact brings real, empowering change to the lives of our most at-risk veterans.

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Before You Go…

  • Have some idea of what you want for your wedding. The more you can narrow down your vision, the better off you’ll be.
  • Determine 3 areas of your wedding you’d like to find vendors for, and seek those out at the bridal show. Skip the others or save them for last.
  • Ask a friend, mother, sister, or your fiancé to come along. You’ll need that extra set of hands and eyes. You could even make an event out of it (bridesmaids in matching shirts kind of deal).
  • Pack snacks. They’ll likely have food (and drinks)
  • Bring tote bags. You’ll have plenty to go into them. You can delegate one bag to the YES vendors and another to the ‘I’ll think about it.’
  • Print sticky address labels with your name, wedding date, and email. You can use these to stick on giveaway slips instead of filling all that info out at every booth you go to.
  • Speaking of email, you may want to set up a wedding or event  only email account. Use this email to keep all your wedding/event  related stuff in one spot.
  • Have your budget set. Set thresholds for venue, photographer, details, dress etc. This will help you narrow down vendors at the expo.

While You're There…

  • Stay focused. There’s going to be a vendor, venue, cake, and dress style for every type of bride. Don’t go in sure of your modern, chic wedding and come out with information for a shabby chic venue with a horse drawn carriage.
  • Take breaks. These are important because it’s exhausting, there’s a lot to take in, and you want time to digest some of what you see. Plus hydrate.
  • Watch the fashion shows (they’re fun!)
  • Only enter the giveaways from vendors you’re actually interested in.
  • Sample cakes
  • Don’t stress if you can’t find everything / everyone you wanted. You likely won’t. Keep in mind that some dream wedding vendors might have weddings booked for the expo weekend.       – Have a good time





For Your Dream Event

Our Show is a unique, interactive event, with a high powered fashion show, food, entertainment and the most sought after affordable vendors in the area. Bring your friends and family and enjoy a day filled with laughter, ideas, and inspiration at the

 Virginia Prom & Bridal Expo!



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